Stand for the King

Posted Monday, May 25th, 2009

From Walt Kirby (Baritone):

I want to share how some of the songs our group sing affect me and my life. The song “Don’t be Afraid” is one I can relate to. The song is about tough times in our lives when we are not sure what will happen next. Times when it seems darkness is surrounding us and we cannot see the light in our future. One of my personal experiences of this is when I lost my job. I had two small children, house payments, car payments, and all the other monetary burdens of daily living. I was not sure how my family would survive and not be thrown out on the streets. After some time I chose to seek and trust the Lord no matter what happened. He calmed my anxious feelings and supplied all my family’s needs. He also brought better opportunities to me, which provided for my family better than I could imagine. That experience taught me to not be afraid and to trust the Lord in all things. He is always near and is always working in us and for us.

The next song I would like to talk about is “stand for the king”. This song encourages us as believers in the lord to stand for him no matter where we are. When you are at work. At home, at the store, eating with friends, sick at home let others know where your hope comes from. Jesus stood for us when he died on the cross for our sins and He will stand for us before the Father at judgment day by saying He knows us. Just like in the song before I described Jesus is always near so we do not have to be afraid. We don’t have to be afraid of what others think. We just need to stand for Him. Make a difference in the world around us in good and bad times.

From Sam Parsons (Lead):

I have been blessed with many friends. “One of these Days” is a very special song to me. This friend sacrificed his life for me at Calvary. Since this friend was willing to die for me, “I’m willing to live for him”. I am so thankful for this friend. What a friend we have in Jesus.

The quartet hopes the songs on this CD encourage all of us to stand for the king together. We thank the lord for the blessing to share them with you.

From Carl Brubaker (Tenor):

With the song “I’m Gonna Sing”, I proclaim that I’m gonna sing and shout from my heart, that Jesus Christ is King and Lord in my life. I can say that because I have asked Him to have mercy on me, and to “Please Forgive Me” of my sins. By His grace I am saved, through faith. My soul would be lost if it were not for Him. The first time I heard of the song “Not that You Died”, my heart bore witness that we needed to sing this song. You see, this song sends the message of John 3:16 with a more personal application than Jesus dying and giving His life for the whole world. Just think about it, a Holy God coming to this earth to become the One to die, just for me and you, and to become the one to give his life as a sacrifice, just for me and you. If you and I were the last one on this earth, I believe He would have still come, praise and glory be to the One and only God, our Savior and Jesus Christ.

From Rick Layton (Bass):

The song “Table For Thirteen” is a song putting you in the room of the last supper, and wondering what you would do or think, when Jesus said, “One of you will betray Me.” The chair is figurative in this song – they probably used pillows or mats in that day. The song, “One Of These Days” tells how many people are in denial or afraid to come to church to hear about Jesus, so they always put you off until someday. Reality tells us that someday may never come, and then the reality of heaven and hell will face these people. Don’t ever quit asking them to come; their eternity rests in the balance. “If You Ask Me” tells the Christian to be ready to tell who Jesus is now and in the future when you get an opportunity to share Him with someone; when we can tell them our testimony because our sins were “Paid In Full Through Jesus, Amen”. This song tells of a Bible story with a person in need as well as telling that we too had a need to come to Jesus and ask for His forgiveness. When we have done this, we will feel like singing “My, My, My” what a joy to serve my Jesus. We will all face personal trials at some point with our health, finances, work, or relationships. What better prayer is there than speaking the groans of the heart. The writer was inspired from a relative coming out of a coma, and when she awoke, she prayed “Lord Stay Close To Me”.