Don’t Give Up

Posted Monday, May 25th, 2009

From Sam Parsons (Lead):

A prayer was answered when the opportunity came to record our music. I truly hope and pray our ministry will touch and open hears to the Lord. I want to thank my wonderful wife for the support she has given me, and my parents for raising our family in a good Christian home where “Good Old Southern Gospel Music” was a way of life. Also I want to thank my sister for her help and advice throughout my musical journey. Most of all, I want to thank our Lord and Savior for allowing all of this to happen. Sing to the Lord!

From Carl Brubaker (Tenor):

I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to sing with Sons of Light, and to make the trip to Nashville for the making of this recording. I thank God for the privilege to minister to all people with songs. Thanks to my wife for allowing me to make the trip, while she too care of things on the home front. Thanks, also, to my parents for raising me in a Christian home, and teaching me to love God through music. My prayer is that I may teach others to love God also, though the music of this recording.

From Walt Kirby (Baritone):

I would like to give thanks to my Lord and Savior for opening the doors that allowed me to be in this group. It was the Lord’s timing and orchestration that put our group together. I am also thankful for God’s grace, love, and sacrifice and the message He has given us to sing and share with others. I want to thank my wife and two children for the support, love, and time they have given to me while being part of this group. I would like to especially thank my wife for giving of her time every week and helping run the sound for our group during practice. I would like to thank the group for their dedication and sacrifice to meet weekly. I am thankful for their encouragement, teamwork, and special help in learning my parts. I want to give thanks to Marty and John for making our recording experience wonderful and fun. I pray each person that hears this CD will experience the same blessings that our group receives when we are singing these songs.

From Rick Layton (Bass):

I want to thank the Lord for allowing us to minister through music – live and now with this CD. While we were recording this CD, God blessed all of us during some moment of the day and I think God will bless you too. I thank my wife Linda and family for allowing me the time each week for this ministry. Thanks to my home church for supporting our group and sharing God’s glory with our singing.