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Posted Friday, April 10th, 2009

Sons of LightQuartet

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Welcome to Sons of Light Quartet’s Home on the Web

The Sons of Light are a Southern Gospel Quartet that started in 2002. The four men, Rick Layton—Bass, Carl Brubaker—Tenor, George Jeffrey—Lead, Walt Kirby—Baritone, all love the Lord and “give Him all the praise and glory for any results” due to their singing.

They appreciate the Southern Gospel style of music because “it challenges, uplifts, and praises God” – all of which allows their music ministry to be one that “shares from 10 to 15 messages in the songs they sing…”

They are aggressive in spreading love for God through their music and at pastors’ requests, have been asked to provide a music ministry for entire services.

The quartet also has been asked to compliment the pastor’s sermon by singing between five and seven songs in advance of the message.

Additionally they have been tapped to play at missionary rallies, at least one church anniversary weekend, and even have played a few songs at rest homes.

The group considers their music to be non-denominational and state that they have sung in churches of various denominations and would love the opportunity to worship in song with you and your congregation.

The group accepts that they are “called to deliver God’s message in song through music that will reach your heart, your mind, and your soul and point you to Christ.” Their prayer always is that listeners to their music will be attuned to allow the Holy Spirit
to touch them as they worship so they may become hearers of the music as well.